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Paul Manafort admits he shared Trump campaign info with Russian agent “purely to make money”

Remember how Trump, even two days ago, claimed that they never colluded with Russia? Yeah...



U.S. Politics 

@x_minus_t it's extremely disconcerting to me how little any of this seems to matter to the average person. When I talk about it to others, I can practically feel their eyes glaze over.

Open corruption at the highest levels, including literally sharing/selling information to foreign intelligence? Who cares.

Having senior campaign staff accept a meeting at your headquarters with a Russian intelligence asset, someone introduced as a Russian government official wanting to assist your campaign on behalf of Moscow? Hoax.

Illegally taking classified information to your personal residence after leaving office? It's not a big deal.

Undermining future elections and our democracy more broadly (not to mention dividing the country) by falsely claiming the election was stolen? So what.

These are just a few examples that I could think of in a couple of minutes. Nothing is real, nothing matters anymore except tribal affiliation. I don't know how we fix this.

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