"communism is so bureaucratic" i am sitting next to a notary in starbucks waiting half an hour for an automated phone call to approve my immigration status to start a job (im a US citizen)

byzantines: "i love bureaucracy"

US capitalism: "you are like a little baby. behold"

i apply to a job
the job hires me
the us federal gov requires i prove immigration status to be hired
job sends me to HR (outsourced)
HR sends me to a subcontractor
subcontractor sends me a form
i fill out the form and send it back
subcontractor arranges a notary to contact me
i have to make an appointment to meet the notary in a public place
we meet and have to now wait for a phone call from (undisclosed) to fill part two of the form out
she finishes the form and sends it to the subcontractor
subcontractor sends it to the US gov(?)
US gov confirms the info on the form and notifies them(?)
subcontractor sends the okay to HR
HR notifies my employer.

Americans often point to the trope of communist regimes as the acmes of bureaucracy.


@Blakely large entities of all stripes (be they corporate, governmental, or otherwise) inevitably self-organize into a bureaucracy. Definitely not unique to socialist/communist regimes.

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