London is a beautiful, clean, organized, diverse place with amazing summer weather and friendly people.

In hindsight two weeks is probably a bit too long for traveling with a family, but the kids loved it and made many memories.

Until next time.

That's 61% "representative" APR. Holy hell. Is this normal for the UK?

dad joke 

Oh, so you think everything revolves around you?

mastodon hosting 

just experimented with moving cloud storage hosting from one provider to another and quickly arrived at the conclusion

ml experiments 

I asked OpenAI's GPT-3 to produce a "song about overcoming" and the result was interesting.

It completed the fragment with "pain" and appeared as though it were going to provide the lyrics to "Rise Up" by Andra Day (a real song, by a real artist).

However, the lyrics were different - though they matched the overall theme of her song. Wild. is my little corner of the fediverse