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It's honestly perplexing. Water is slightly important for, you know, life. And this entire region is facing serious issues with water shortage that will only get worse in the near term.

And despite this, the region remains one of the fastest growing in the country.

People that plan to move to (or stay in) the Southwest, how are you handling this?

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>When Cindy Goetz moved to Arizona from Illinois, in 2012, she had never heard of hauled water. “But I did some research on it—you know, is a well better, or is hauled water better? And my decision was, hauled water is better,” she told me. “A well can get contaminated, it can run dry. How about just pay a little extra to have someone bring it in from the city? It’s already drinkable. I asked [my real-estate agent] and he said that it’s done a lot in Arizona. And it wasn’t like a homestead out in the middle of nowhere. There were streets and power and phone lines and all that. I assumed it would be O.K. It wasn’t presented as, ‘By the way, it could stop.’ ”

>Then, last August, the Department of the Interior issued its first-ever formal water-shortage declaration for the Colorado River. A few months later, Scottsdale became the first city in Arizona to announce that it had entered Stage One of its drought-management plan. (Several other cities have since followed suit.) The city asked Scottsdale residents to decrease water consumption by five per cent. It also informed the water haulers that, starting in 2023, they could no longer buy Scottsdale water to deliver outside city limits—including to the Rio Verde Foothills.

>Homeowners who didn’t have wells were suddenly uncertain that they’d be able to wash their dishes or flush their toilets. Some water haulers reassured their customers that they could find water for them, at least for now. Hornewer, who runs a water-hauling company, told me that not all haulers were scrupulous about the legality of their sources. “To them, it’s just kind of like the Old West,” he said. “If the water’s there, grab it. If you want to get it from Phoenix illegally, sure, you can do that. But that’s a short-term fix.”

>As the January 1st deadline approaches, many Foothills residents still don’t know where their water will come from. The uncertainty and drama that keeps Nabity up at night doesn’t seem to be dissuading newcomers, though. “I just sold my daughter’s house, next door,” she said, shaking her head. “We got two great offers in, and neither of them cared about the water situation. They believe that the county is not going to let five hundred homes next to one of the wealthiest cities go without water.”

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"Sanctuary," the child cried, running into the library.
"Nice try," the guard following after sneered, "but only holy places can grant sanctuary."
The librarians glanced at each other. A small nod.
The head librarian gave the guard a stern look.
"Sanctuary granted."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

London is a beautiful, clean, organized, diverse place with amazing summer weather and friendly people.

In hindsight two weeks is probably a bit too long for traveling with a family, but the kids loved it and made many memories.

Until next time.

>A study last year by Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that keeping Diablo Canyon open for 10 years could reduce the California power industry’s carbon emissions by more than 10 percent from 2017 levels and reduce reliance on natural gas. It also could save $2.6 billion in electricity costs and help prevent brownouts.

seems like a real no-brainer 🤷

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Nuclear power is winning new supporters in the U.S. as politicians in both parties look to meet clean energy goals and surging electricity demands. But critics say the industry’s veneer of clean energy has not changed concerns about the technology.

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GPT-3 is incredible. I asked it to write an article by The Onion and it delivered:

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A 10-year-old girl is raped. The State forces her to remain pregnant and tells her to consider it an “opportunity.”

This isn’t Iran. This isn’t Gilead. This isn’t hypothetical.

This happened today in Ohio.


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RT @thehill
Mississippi House Speaker says 12-year-old incest victims should continue pregnancies to term

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Turns out the broadly quoted human wet bulb thermal maximum of 35C was an overestimate. A new study determined in young healthy people, it's more like 31C. Not like we're going to put this data to the real world test or anything! *laughs nervously, sweats ineffectively*

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